GIS Solutions
tailored to you.


Heartland GIS specializes in GIS Consulting, Online Portal Development, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Communicative Mapping, Archaeological/Historical/Cultural Resource Data management and religious GIS services.

Cost-Effective Services

Heartland GIS specializes in providing GIS services to organizations that need GIS technologies but may not be able to fund a position or the necessary hardware/software infrastructure. Let us help you identify what the exact problems are and develop solutions for the short, mid-term and long range needs of your organization.

Award-Winning Mapping

Heartland GIS has designed award winning and nationally recognized GIS systems. Our maps have won many peer-reviewed awards for communicative mapping. Our focus is about helping you visualize your message spatially and providing data to make informed decisions.

Solutions for your needs

Heartland GIS has worked extensively over the years with Local, State, Federal and Non-Profit organizations and can service a wide-variety of client needs. We prides ourselves in providing the exact services needed in a very responsive and cost-effective relationship with each of its clients.

Real World Problem Solving

Heartland GIS provides a wide-spectrum of GIS services. We recognize that every GIS situation is different and does not provide a cookie-cutter approach to solving your geospatial needs. Our services are designed to provide you exactly what you need and not pay or spend time and resources for services that are not needed. 

Heartland GIS has delivered solutions for
Local, State, Federal & Non-Profit organizations.

Let us deliver for you!

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